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Journalism From Location, Without Destination.

Feedback Loop: Many choices, or none, make a game. Nightmare Mode.

How Facebook's Timeline Will Change Everything. Hack Text.

A WordPress Theme for Taking Notes on Your Kindle. Chronicle of Higher Education online.

Dead Space 2 and the value of multiple simultaneous perspectives. Nightmare Mode.

A Four Step Social Media Strategy - MEGA. UPIU Blog, Hack Text.

Anatomy of a Brand. Hack Text.

Crowd-sourced television goes to the next level with Bar Karma and Storymaker. Hack Text.

Survey of Online Advertising in College Media.

Avenue Q Comes to The National. Broadside.

A history of Virginia in Votes. UPI and MasonVotes.

Grand Theft Atonement. Presented as a sermon to the George Mason University Hillel.


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